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SFX - Make-up and Hair Junior with a passion for arts and inventions. Please find my portfolio via the headers above if you are looking for a bright addition to your team. 

Special Makeup Effects & Propmaking Junior

Bachelor of design In Special Makeup Effects for Film and TV at University of Bolton, First Class honour

FdA Special Effects Makeup at UCEN with distinction

Experience on set, in the workshop and in theatre

Wigs trained and theatre experienced

Z-brush proficient, 3D printing proficient 

eligible to work in the Uk and in Europe



Wig/beard knotting 

Wig styling 

Period wig styling 

Hair punching 

Basic barbering & hairdressing 

Special MAkeup effects

Silicone Prosthetics 

Silicone running & bald capping 

Face and body casting 

Foam latex running 

Prosthetic application 

Silicone painting



Resin and epoxy moulding 

Jacket moulding 

Core modification & core making


 Out-of-kit effects 

Day makeup

Prop making

fill-, sand- & finishing


 plastic welding 

airbrushing and spray painting

resin casting

silicone casting 

operating machinery 

Digital design

Z-brush proficient

Photoshop proficient

SLA printing 

FDM printing 

Digital mould designing 

Digital concepting


Tattoo transfer design & printing  

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